Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whisper, Gather, Song(a portrait)



Rolling mist smelling of honeysuckle,

Washes over smiles and dewdrop drinks,

On wide, stern leaves thirsty for moisture,

Whisper of dawn breeze over green meadow,

In lightest sun of storm weathered morning,

To gather on boughs and fruits and remembrance,

Like lavender blush on peach pores and apple skins,

Twinkling sweep of motions, a sparrow on new branches,

Darting to nest to meal and back again for feeding,

Hum of busied creations unfolding in a,

Symphonic crescendo of breathtaking sweetness,

As clouds harry onward,

As chill bows to fresh warmth,

As rivers gurgle and waking life resounds,

From yesterday to tomorrow,

There the ring of majesty rises louder,

There the aroma of dawn and roses mingle,

Unabashed soil against ageless sky,

And eyes gaze long and deep and full ,

Where sleep has ended it’s embrace of twilight,

Here is that whisper sprinkling laughter on soft cheeks,

Here is that melody over young hair and tender smiles,

Here is that breath that fills deep hearts with sugar vibrancy,

Here is that breeze, that fragrance, that symphony.

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