Saturday, March 10, 2012

Going Down


The words are thunder,
Their ripples through your skin a bubbling shiver of nerve rolling nerve,
And the thoughts,
Such lightening, the flash,
Of everything at all once,
Then Time,
In stillest respite a breath,
An ease,
Okay, we're going down,
My heart I lasso tight,
Steady that fleeting mirage that is Life,
And carefully close my eyes,
In Peace,
There is nothing more to be done,
Just Peace,
Riding that careening automobile to flames,
What else can we do, really?
But ride the machine,
As we've ridden it, consciously,
Trapped in it, made mere components,
And all is well,
All is in reality,
Everything is happening all at once,
Exactly the only way it can be,
Going Down-
Peace in letting it go.